University of Crete presentation - 2022


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Duration: 00:18:30

Posted by: admin on 20-07-2023

Contributorthe animonautes
CoverageUniversity of Crete
Related day of the year
Creator University of Crete
DescriptionUniversity of Crete presentation - 2022

University of Crete -

00:00 Intro
00:50 Schools and Departments
01:04 Medical School
01:50 Department of Physics
02:29 Department of Biology
03:00 Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
03:33 Department of Computer Science
04:00 Department of Chemistry
04:36 Department of Material Science and Technology
05:12 Department of Literature
05:49 Department of History and Archaeology
06:24 Department of Philosophy and Social Studies
07:04 Department of Primary Education
07:34 Department of Preschool Education
08:07 Department of Psychology
08:34 Department of Sociology
09:00 Department of Economics
09:33 Department of Political Science
10:07 Hellenic Authority of Higher Education (HAHE)
10:26 Postgraduate Studies
10:52 ERASMUS+
11:14 Summer Schools
11:34 Support Services
11:43 Library
12:23 University Gyms
12:38 StudentsCommunities
12:52 Museums
13:07 Natural History Museum of Crete
13:34 Museum of Medicine
13:47 Museum of Education
14:00 Museum of ancient Eleutherna
14:24 Research Structures
14:34 University of Crete Research Center
14:58 Skinakas Observatory
15:10 Finokalias Environmental Station
15:34 Psiloritis geopark
15:53 Collaborating Structures
16:04 General University Hospital of Heraklion
16:24 Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
16:51 Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
17:12 Ending

Directed by
the animonautes -

Production Management
Kossioris George
Diamanti Giota

Executive Production
Diamanti Giota
Nikolakakis Manolis

2d animation
Evgenia Tiktapanidou

Craig Mullin

Filming - Photos
Guy Brochard
Nikolakakis Manolis
Trikali Mina
The Cinema Group of the University of Crete

Videos by Pexels
Kelly Lacy, Lara Jameson,
Tima Miroshnichenko, Pavel Danilyuk,
Mart production, Lara Jameson,
Harabe, Kindel Media,
Edmond Dantes, Kira Swarzch,
Mikhail Nilov, Olya Kobruseva,
Yan Krukov, Joseph Auelo

Guy Brochard
Sound recording studio

Shakedown by MM Music
Mohawk Break & Green Fever
by Flash Fluharty
Funk'd Up by Reaktor Productions

Produced by
the animonautes

© University of Crete 2022
Publisher University of Crete
RightsUniversity of Crete
SubjectUniversity of Crete 2022
TitleUniversity of Crete presentation - 2022
Type University of Crete 2022